Saturday, November 10, 2007


The Titan's Curse

by Rick Riordan. Percy Jackson and the Olympians, bk. 3.

I really loved the first book of this series, was ho-hum on the second, and am somewhere in between on this third installment.

This is a quest Percy is not supposed to go on, but since his friend Annabeth is in danger, he goes anyhow, and joins the quest, along with one other demi-god, his satyr friend Grover, and two of Artemis' huntresses, who are determined to go, because she, too, is in trouble. The titans are rising, still trying to gather the strength to overthrow the gods of Olympus, and the prophecy about a child of either Zeus, Poseidon, or Hades looms.

The quest involves lots of peril and some more familiar monsters, some not-so-familiar monsters, and even fun add-ins like the statues at the Hoover Dam. After tricking the titan Atlas and ending this attempt at uprising, the remaining heroes of the quest visit Olympus, high above the Empire State Building, and learn a few things fromt he gods themselves, as well as enjoying a great victory feast. In the end, Thalia heads off the possibility that she will be the one in the prophecy, leaving Percy a couple of years to figure out how to thwart the Titans before he figures in it himself.

The book delivers lots of fun action, but still not quite at the pace of the first volume. It also sets up the continuation of the series perfectly, so we know there is at least on more before the big showdown. Even though I feel like this series hasn't totally lived up to the potential of the first book, I'll still read it, because they are entertaining, certainly.

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