Friday, June 01, 2007



Graham McNamee.

Duncan's dull summer working at the transit commission's lost and found takes a turn for the twisted when he finds a diary detailing crimes past and plans for the psycho's move into hunting a woman. He starts to try to find the guy or the women or somehow stop this, and is convinced by a friend to turn the diary in to the police, let them handle it. The police, however, are busy, or convinced he's just a kid looking for a laugh, and take the whole thing with a grain of salt. So he sneaks the diary and picks up the case again himself, enlisting his friends.

The risk-taking behaviour makes the mom in me clench, but this totally works as a taut novel of suspense, and I hel my breath through the whole scene where he and the would-be killer he's nicknamed Roach go head to head. The ending is satisfying, while believable. A great read.

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