Saturday, July 14, 2007


The Lightning Thief

part I, Percy Jackson and the Olympians
by Rick Riordan

I loooved this book. I literally just brought it back this morning, then talked to a kid about it and handed it to him to read because I thought somebody had to read this, and he liked another action-y book I just read and enjoyed.

This one starts with the Harry Potter-ish hallmark of a boy having a few weird things happen and discovering he is not normal, but the direction it takes is a little different. Instead of being about witches and wizards, Percy's journey is into the realms of the Greek gods. Turns out he has a god for a father. And monsters are after him. And, well, if that weren't enough? He's become a pawn in a nasty brewing war between some of the most powerful Olympians, and he must go on a quest to put things right.

Along the way, he and two friends slay monsters, follow plot twists, clear Percy's name in the human world, get his mother back, and uncover the truth behind the evil plot.

It's quite the ride, with nonstop action and lots of modern updates on ancient monsters, providing some great moments to relish if you are famliar enough with your classics to see them coming.

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