Tuesday, January 16, 2007


What To Expect When You're Reading Kittenpie Reads

Hi, all!
Welcome to my new side blog, devoted to recording my kidlit reading.

Posting will be in fits and starts, as my kidlit reading is. I tend to read a bunch of children's and teens stuff, then pause for some adult reading, and since I will post as I read, so it will go.

I'll post largely about fiction for older kids and teens here, while my posts at MommyBlogsToronto are more often aimed younger kids and their parents. (Though not always. I like to leave myself room and try to include people with older kids too.) I will post about picture books individually when I stumble across something I am particularly fond of, though.

I won't tend to write formal review-style posts in most cases - I'm not a formal type, really - but to record my thoughts about what I liked and didn't like, who I think it would work for, and any questions it left with me, as well as any comparisons to other books that spring to mind.

The books will be a mix of old and new, award-type books and fluffier stuff, because it will just be whatever I'm reading. And I try to read across the board as much as possible so that I have recommendations for kids.

If you have recommendations for me based on what I've been reading and enjoying, I'd love to hear them, too - drop a comment!

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Whahoo! More Kittenpie.

I love your recommendations.
Yeah! I was just perusing a book catalog this morning, trying to deduce appropriateness for my 9 and 10 y-o's from the pictures of covers of books. My 10 y-o is an "advanced reader," well beyond Captain Underpants and Judy Blume, but not ready for the subject matter of the Young Adult section. I'll be checking in, regularly.
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