Friday, October 01, 2010


Revisit: The Bride's Farewell

by Meg Rosoff

My review of this is here, from earlier this summer, so I don't need to tell you about the content of this book again, but look:

A stunning, gorgeous new cover!

But what do you think of it? As I noted in my original review, "The two [main characters] set out on the road, with little to no resources outside of a horse, a woollen shawl, and a few pennies. They live in rough times in a rural area..." You see what I mean? The original cover is, perhaps, too dark (see below), while this overcorrects, being too light.

Yes, it's beautiful and ethereal, and I love it, but. But the descriptions in the book are of rough cloth, brown wool, dirty feet, and days and weeks on the road on foot or horseback, scouring the countryside. Even when they have places to stay, they are mean - small cottages or lofts of barns. None of this lends itself to the whiteness of cloth and glowing lightness of this.

What do you think? More appealing cover or lovely, but just not quite suiting this right?


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