Thursday, December 17, 2009


Publisher Review: A Season of Gifts

by Richard Peck

Richard Peck is a prolific writer, and one I have enjoyed many times, at different ages. As a girl, I thrilled to his tales of Blossom Culp and loved Ghosts I Have Been. More recently, I have loved his hilarious tales of long-ago happenings in small towns. His ridiculously funny Long Way From Chicago
was a favourite pick for nearly everyone, landing on "best" lists everywhere. The followup, Year Down Yonder, won a Newbery. Here Lies The Librarian
continued this trend, a great, rollicking story of pranks, races, and schemes, not to mention some great librarians (my review here).

In this new book, Peck returns to these rural roots with the story of a family's adjustment to a new town, helped along mightily by a crotchety, fierce, and fiercely independent old neighbour who insists that she "don't neighbor" even while she works behind the scenes to make things happen her way.

It seems that she has taken a shine to these new arrivals, though, and in her gruff, mysterious way, she paves the way for them while she brings down revenge on some of the town's shadier characters both on their behalf and her own through one ridiculous mishap after another.

By the end, her gifts become more apparent, and the "new" family has been solidly taken in by the town - so much so, that their success will lead them on their way.

A fun, warm-hearted read, this book may culminate in a Christmas scene, but should in no way be seen as limited to being just a seasonal book - it's a great read at any time of year, this one.

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