Thursday, December 17, 2009


Publisher Review: Are These My Basoomas I See Before Me?

by Louise Rennison.

And here it is. The tenth and final book in the confessions of Georgia Nicholson series.

The one where she finally figures out her boy situation, though not until the very, very, VERY end, after you, as a reader, have very nearly had a nervy b.

The one where she and her friends start to show mysterious signs of maybe edging towards the direction of maturing just a touch. (But not that much, don't be scared.)

My very favourite wait-for-the-next-one series for girly teens, the one that makes me laugh like a drain, as Georgia would put it.

I am, for all that I did indeed giggle and cackle my way through it and thoroughly enjoy it, unreasonably sad. Now where will I turn when I need to be wholeheartedly amused until it hurts? I may have to re-read these, and if you haven't read them at least once, I recommend you get started. You won't regret it a bit - only that it ends.

Meanwhile - Ms. Rennison? I do hope you are starting a new series?

(Check out some of this last book online if you don't believe it could be so funny - then come back and tell me I'm right.)

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