Monday, November 16, 2009


Montmorency's Revenge

by Eleanor Updale

#4 in the series.

The events at the end of book 3 in this series propel this book, as Montmorency and his circle burn with the need for revenge at the same time that they take on a mission that should lead them straight to the person they want to get their hands on. What could be more perfect? Though they do have to struggle to keep the mission in sight at times...

Once again, the intrigue in this episode takes various characters from Scotland to London, Italy, and New Jersey to pursue the international ring of anarchists and their shadowy leader. In the process, Montmorency takes to the sewers once again, they foil an assassination attempt, and the deadly plotmaster of the terrorist group finds out Montmorency's identity, making for a whole new level of menace, especially when the book ends with the cloaked man still on the loose. (I smell sequel! Again!)

Meanwhile, the paternity of Vi's son tom has been a mystery until now, and this not only changes the way parts of the mission are conducted, but also leads Montmorency to, for the very first time, not only talk about his past, but reveal his entire life story.

I think this book brings together a lot of the side plots that in some ways had seemed to detract from the action of the last few books, making it a good way to bring the series back onto the path of the main plot even while it opens up possibilities for the next book. it also forces Montmorency to grow up a little, which makes me wonder how he will handle things next time, and once again makes me eager to read about what comes next.

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