Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The Talented Clementine

by Sarah Pennypacker. Sequel to Clementine.

I adored the first Clementine book, which really stands out from the pack of other early readers about the misadventuresof young, precocious girls for the fact that Clementine isn't bratty or snotty, just doesn't always get it right.

In this followup, she panics when her class starts organizing a talent show, and she can't think of an act. Avoiding it doesn't seem to be working, trying to learn a new talent is a bust, and by the time the show has snuck up on her, she is convinced she is bound to disappoint her parents, teachers, and classmates.

Some of her true talents shine as the show starts coming together, however, and while she doesn't notice them, others do. so she doesn't get on stage after all - but she does get her due recognition, just in a different way. And I love the way she describes the feeling when she does, as "the proud feeling: like the sun was rising inside my chest." Perfect.

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hey kittenpie!
thanks for commenting on my blog... i only just found it now.
i really enjoy this kidlit site, but i also love your personal blog... the quips your little gal makes crack me up.
recently: the third nipple. god, hilarious!
i'll have to check out this sequel because clementine was very quirky.
keep up the good work!
Thanks, dlb!
And I must say, your blog makes me drool terribly when I visit. I may be in need of baked goods on my way home tonight. Damn.
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