Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Ziggy and the Plugfish

by Jonathan Harlen.

Kooky in the way of cartoons like Spy Groove or Atomic Betty, zany in the style of Daniel Pinkwater, this is a great read for someone who likes fast-moving and silly. A lot of the (mostly boy) readers of series like Captain Underpants would probably like this as a next step up in the reading chain, because while it is somewhat wordier, it has the same kind of madcap feel about it, and inhabits a similalry appealing (to kids) world where only the kids make sense.

The story begins when Ziggy Plunkett's parents are consumed by some sort of giant jellyfish who has washed up on the beach where they were vacationing. And so does the rescue ranger who tries to pull them out. And then, as he and his newfound partner Shayla try to figure out what to do next, a submarine shows up and starts pulling the whole jiggling mess out to sea. So they follow, attempting a rescue, and find themselves at the bottom of the Marianas Trench before things are put right. Even the conclusion is bizarre, but pretty funny.

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