Wednesday, January 02, 2008


The Clone Conspiracy

by Simon Rose

This mini-thriller is slightly more complicated reading than an Easy-to-Read book, but not by a lot. Its short length (88pp.) keeps it in range for kids who are not dedicated readers, while also keeping it moving, in order to fit a little thriller into its pages. It's written well enough, given the little space left over once plot is being driven, but is nothing special.

Still, a kid who likes the way TV shows move forward will find this similar. It begins with the disappearnace of Patrick, Luke's friend. After a few months, he sees him by chance, and is drawn into a strange mystery involving cloning and evil scientists. Not much time is spent on details, but essentially, they wanted Patrick in order to use his body to house another mind. And now Luke and Patrick's sister are in danger, too... Where does the conspiracy end?

Simple and fast-paced, it's what we call a hi-lo. High interest, low reading skill necessary.

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