Saturday, November 03, 2007


Pants on Fire

by Meg Cabot.

Life is going along pretty well for this small town girl until Tommy Sullivan came back to town. She was dating the school's hottest football star (brother of a local hero), front-runner in the upcoming Quahog Princess pageant, and top of the class. But it wasn't really working for her. The pageant, she was into for the prize money so she could buy a professional camera. And, as she reasons, if she was so into Seth, she wouldn't be kissing Eric behind his back, right? She's up to her eyebrows in little lies meant to keep everything in balance, keep all the right facades in place. But Tommy's arrival blows everything to bits.

Tommy, who was run out of town four years ago after exposing a cheating scandal among the town beloved Quahog football team and forced them to forfeit the only state championship they hadn't won in some 16 years. Tommy, who had been sort of her friend, before insisting on going public with the scandal. Tommy, from whom she distanced herself in a big hurry to avoid becoming a pariah in the town. Tommy, who has returned tall and hot and just as smart as he ever was, and who apparently doesn't care any more about the town's Quahog obsession than he ever did. She is both drawn to him and terrified that he'll both ruin her carefully constructed social life and find out she was involved in spraypainting a slur about him on the gym wall (which remains, after 4 years). In the end, things blow apart in a way she wouldn't have predicted, but aren't as bad as she would have predicted, either.

This is slightly different fare for Cabot, but not by much. It retains that trademark fun Cabot voice, but is a little further from the Princess Diaries territory than many of her previous chicklit offerings. Good fun, fluffy stuff, as usual.

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