Sunday, August 05, 2007


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

by - oh who am I kidding? You know who wrote this.

So what did I think of the final installment? I won't give away the ending for those who haven't read it, because I hate that. I'd be annoyed.

But what did I think? Well, to be honest, any time there is lots and lots of hype, I have a hard time being impressed, and it would be well nigh impossible to live up to the buildup this number has received, so I was expecting to be not totally thrilled. And yes, I was right.

it does wrap up loose ends and make plenty of references back to other volumes of the series, and the ending is wrapped up in a fairly satisfactory, if quite cliched, fashion. It does everything it should do and is supposed to do. Yet it just didn't grab me the way some of the others did. It felt a bit slow, it seemed like it didn't have the level of suspense some of the earlier adventures held. It just felt a little flatter than one would hope for such a big finale.

All in all, it was... okay.

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