Friday, July 13, 2007


Endymion Spring

oh, Matthew Skelton. Did you write this for me? I mean, really. It's Harry Potterish in that it's all enchanted things reaching through time and involving a young boy, and such. But the boy is an average kid, not brilliant like his sister, or anything. And he is chosen. By a book.

Yup, this one's all about print history and power possessed by books and about libraries in Oxford. yummy.

My only real quibbles? Well, I have two. One is that there is not a lot of explanation about the Last Book until the very end, when it is revealed that while it could be used for evil (though we don't know what kind) by a baddie, it seems to be okay reading for someone pure of heart, not motivated by ambition. What will he do with all that knowledge, though, and how do we know it will be okay and not corrupt him anyhow, and now people know he has it, so won't things go on? yeah, my other quibble is that there are so many loose ends, yet it doesn't seem that it's intended to have sequels.

Overall, though? Good stuff.

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