Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Rock My World

by Liza Conrad.

A fun story about a rock god's daughter going on tour with him for the summer, getting the writing gig of a lifetime for a rock magazine covering the tour (hello, Cameron Crowe!) , and discovering a lot about her family and herself. I loved this. This story has layers, too, though it seems totally fluffy.

She's got her Coming of Age thing going on, learning that her "rules" don't always apply, learning to view her parents differently, learning to help solve a decades-long rift in her father's band.

She proves herself a good writer capable of writing for a major publication, capable of getting a good story, not just the surface fluff. She proves herself to have a good head on her shoulders, not getting swept away by the glam and possibilities of the lifestyle available to the celebrity. She proves herself to her mother. The girl is everything you want in a good teen character.

And, just for full effect, a love story in which she again shows herself to have a good sense of self, but grows up, too.

Good stuff.

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