Tuesday, May 22, 2007


King Dork

Frank Portman, aka Dr. Frank, was known to me as the guy in MTX, and referenced in one of my favourite Queers songs. So when I saw a teen novel with his name on the cover? I was kinda curious. What would a Berkeley punk write about, exactly?

Well, about the fatuousness of the Catcher in the Rye cult, about high school abuse of the dorkish, about clueless parents and about step-parents who try too hard, about the weird power structure of the "in" crowd, about dirty old men and sinister plots, about an inscrutable best friend, about the forming and naming of bands, and about trying to find some way to know your dead father, even if what you learn is at least half imaginary.

Rambling, fascinating, spot on in spots and way out in ways, this is one that leaves you with questions, but is still somehow satisfying in its substance.

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