Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Fringe Girl

I loved Valerie Frankel's adult novel Smart vs. Pretty, a tale of two sisters. This teen novel contains some of the same element of sibling rivalry, but sets it in the background as part of the character's motivation.

Fringe Girl is just that - a girl on the fringe of the Ruling Class of her high-end Brooklyn high school. (with a fringe, too, which is how she really got the name...) And, as one might expect if one has had any exposure to teen movies, she's filled with a certain jealousy/disdain for them that distills itself down to hatred and, ultimately, action. But not just any action. Instead, she takes her social studies class theme for the term to heart, and makes her project about the real-life application of theories. The study of revolution in action. If only she had listened to her teachers warnings that history rarely favours the rebel government, though, she might have spared herself some heartache...

Of course, in the end, she sorts things out with some serious meals of her own pride, but it's a fun ride up and down in this book.

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