Thursday, March 29, 2007


Princess on the Brink

Princess Diaries, vol. VIII. By Meg Cabot.

Ack! I guess she needed drama in Mia's life to make things roll forward, but jinkies! This is a total cliffhanger and I'm kinda mad at Meg for breaking up Mia and Michael. I have faith that she'll work things out with Lilly, her best friend since forever, but I'm not sure about Michael and it's just not right, dammit. Rarely does fluff leave me in a state of panic when it ends, but here I am. The thing is, I've gotten invested in the character. She's real is what it comes down to - she has plenty of insecurities, her reactions make sense, she cares about stuff that lots of teens care about, like being vegetarian and the environment and what her hair looks like, all at once. Meg is obviously totally in touch with her teenaged self still, because I've heard her talk, and Mia is so her. So silly as it seems to be so involved with my fluff, I'm going to say it - this fluff is good stuff. So there.

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