Wednesday, January 17, 2007


About Publisher Reviews

What they are: Publisher reviews are reviews of books sent to me, for free, by the publisher for the purpose of obtaining a review. I will identify these in the title as Publisher Reviews for clarity's sake.

My promise on publisher reviews: I think I owe it to my professional integrity to review books fairly. Which means that even if I'm getting a book for free, I won't tell you I loved it if I didn't, I will tell you I loved it if I did. As per usual. And as per usual, I try not to pick up a book I have little hope of liking, so my reviews are more likely to be positive than negative. I am not one to give myself the chore of slogging through something unpromising, nor do I see it as fair to someone else to take on something for review when I'm pretty sure from the get-go that it won't be a positive experience for either of us.
These reviews will likely be a little more formal, with a little more explanation about what I thought worked or didn't, and suggestions for the child or teen I see liking it or mentions of other, similar books. If I am not impressed, I do believe in being fair in explaining what I didn't love and talking about what kind of child might enjoy the book, even if I don't. In other words, I am gentle about it, because I think that's only fair, too.

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